Glory of The Lotus

Glory of the Lotus invites you to an inner exploration through the senses. This music was originally made to support a tantric meditation from the precious Tantra treatise the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra written about 7000 years ago in India. After the opening, each track explores a new petal that represents a sense. Starting with “looking”, followed by “listening”, “smelling”, “tasting”, and “touching”. Ending at the center of the Lotus with the 5 petals fully open. The lotus is the heart and the petals our senses.

This music is great for yoga, silent meditation, healing, and relaxation. Its sacred vibrations and healing frequencies will connect you to your heart.


Waves: 1.Opening the Lotus – 2.Petal of Looking – 3.Petal of Listening – 4.Petal of Smelling – 5.Petal of Tasting – 6.Petal of Touching – 7.Center of the Lotus – Total time: 59min

All music composed and arranged by Eli
Recorded & mixed by Eli at Playade Studio, FR
Mastering by Benoit Pouzol @ Audiowizz studio, FR
First produced by Kaula Heart of All Association in 2014



“Ohhh …. very powerful and heart-opening! I got chills all over me as I listened to the music from your CD. Tears flowed!” 
Carin Olavisdotter

“The music from the Glory of the Lotus is a blissful experience indeed.”
Tara Isis

“Eli with the gift of his music, really took us all to a place of a deep inner awareness of every sense, as though it was the first experience of it.”
Shakti Lott

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