Ecstatic Union – The Path of the Beloved



Ecstatic Union invites you to dive into to the quintessence of the path of the Beloved. Whether it is symbolized by your love towards another being, or by embracing the totality of who you are, or by remembering your divine connection with everything there is, it is always in an ecstatic state that the most profound unions are felt.

In a world where so many questions are left with no answers, where truth seems to be a never ending quest, this music builds a bridge to the very core of the universe, reminding us that the highest wisdom can be felt but never be understood.

A moment, a sound, a sensation, and a miracle just happened: “I” feel life, and the whole universe dances as “I am”, forever, in an Ecstatic Union

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Waves: 1.Opening – 2.Heart Alchemy (part 1) – 3.Heart Alchemy (part 2) – 4.Cosmic Lovers – 5.Dancing Snakes (part 1), 6.Dancing Snakes (part 2) – 7.Master of Love – 8.Ecstatic Union – Total time: 1h08min

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Elie @ Playade Studio, FR
Mastered by Michel van Kemenade @ Musicproduction, NL
Cover Design by Aryana Meer
First released in 2017

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