DEEP Camping Experience

June 4, 2021 - June 6, 2021
Natuurkampeerterrein Ottermeerhoeve
DEEP Camping Experience
DEEP Camping Experience


We’ll arrange and create the DEEP & Ecstatic weekend entertainment and you take care of your own tent & food.
Special times like now need creative solutions, and Nature Camping Ottermeerhoeve in the South-Eastern corner of the Netherlands offers us the necessary space, conditions, and privacy for such a gathering.

Expect a lounge weekend with (open-air) Ecstatic Dances, LIVE music by Praful and Elie, workshops (within the current possibilities), meditation, and loads of connection.

This weekend is planned as a child-free hang-out, but children from the age of 15 upwards are welcome, if they have an interest in what we offer.

Registration is necessary, please do that at

Bring your own tent, camper or caravan to sleep – bring your own food – bring your swimwear, as there is a beautiful lake – Try to travel together, it’s good for Mother Earth.

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deep camping experience
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