Distant Light – Sound Transmission By Elie & Dance Ceremony ML

December 28, 2019
Bar Breton
Pythagoraslaan 101, 3584 BB Utrecht
Distant Light – Sound Transmission By Elie & Dance Ceremony ML

Distant Light – Sound Tansmission – Elie & Dance Experience

At the end of the year we have a very special event!

Marcoleon will open the evening with his famous – and this night an elaborated – Shamanic Ceremony. Guiding us towards a Distant Light, bringing us in contact with the Divine Source, celebrating life in and with the (Ecstatic) Community.

A final (dance) ceremony in order to come to a closure on your personal history and experiences which captivates you still. Looking forward at 2020, vision in which direction you want to focus your energy for the best possible outcome.
Then when we are in this receptive and delicate state, Elie will guide you with his famous Sound transmission. He is an expert in guiding live sound ecstatic waves, that will enter deeply in to you, bringing great benefits in to your life.

Elie – Sound Transmission
Through an hypnotic and sensuous music, you are invited to a unique experience where sounds carry you into a healing space through deep relaxation. The music Elie plays transport you to your inner realms where you can meet yourself and enjoy pure beingness.

Using guitar and voice, Elie creates soundscapes by recording layers of melodies and rhythms with his loop-station, allowing a full range of frequencies to re-align body and mind and nourishing heart and soul.

Website: https://eli-music.net

Is a TCM Doctor for 15 years (Traditional Chinese Medicine) using old shamanic tools. He dedicated his life to help transform people there lives best possible outcome. He has treated more than 25000 people in his practice and is a teacher in his realm of acupuncture, Bodywork, sound healing, and Chinese Herbs.

Is a mystic musician that has the capasity to download energy from other realms into sound and transfer that in to the world. His whole life he is experimenting with music in the form of intruments and his voice. Last years he activaly worked a lot with the loop machine to perfectionize new forms of music. His mission is to inspire people with his music and to help them create a great tranformation.

Marcoleon en Elie worked together in the DEEP Retreat every summer in France:


What to bring? A Yoga mat and or blanket to lay down on for the concert.
Tea and water are available for free.
Tickets via Chipta: € 15
Tickets at the door € 17

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