New Album Release Free Event

September 13, 2017
Jan van Galenstraat 24, 1051 Amsterdam
Club Lite
New Album Release Free Event
FULL – Registration is closed

After almost a year in creative process, I am very happy to present my new album Ecstatic Union – The Path of the Beloved.

I am very excited to celebrate this coming out on September 13th, 2017 at Club Lite, Amsterdam where you, friends, family, and every curious soul are invited to experience a Sound Transmission Concert. We will spend a moment together in harmony and connection, relaxing into a space of sensuous melodies designed to nourish body, heart and soul.

There will also be special guests artists who will express the flavor of the music, through live painting and dance performances.

This is a FREE event, an opportunity to meet and connect with a beautiful community of like-hearted people, coming together to awaken to a loving and peaceful world.

If you want to join, you need to register.

About Ecstatic Union: This music invites you to dive into to the quintessence of the path of the Beloved. Whether it is symbolized by your love towards another being, or by embracing the totality of who you are, or by remembering your divine connection with everything there is, it is always in an ecstatic state that the most profound unions are felt.

In a world where so many questions are left with no answers, where truth seems to be a never ending quest, this music builds a bridge to the very core of the universe, reminding us that the highest wisdom can be felt but never be understood.

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