Are You An Over-Sensitive Soul?

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sensitive beingThe past few weeks, I realized how much stress I have in my system and how important it is to calm down, relax my body and stop the flow of thoughts. It is not something new for me, but when it becomes a usual state, we become easily unaware of it while everything we encounter is seen as something to overcome, or a problem to be resolved. Being over-stressed takes a lot of energy, creates many diseases and slowly, removes the joy of life. We turn into survivors, trying to protect ourselves from the “too many situations”, which at times, can be projected on almost everything.

For example, in my case, an object falling on the floor and making a kind of metallic noise scares me as if a bomb just exploded in the house. Or someone sneezing close to me is like being punched directly in the face. You know… when from a relatively quiet state, suddenly all your cells overreact, jumping like crazy, trying to escape your own body for a safer place.

While those situations require our attention, revealing an overloaded nervous system and telling us that the most important thing to do is to relax, it also reminds us, as sensitive beings, that we carry a beautiful gift. But as every gift, to be fully revealed, it needs to be mastered. When not mastered, the gift can appear as a weakness, and we often perceive ourselves as a victim of it.

For me, starting to acknowledge that I might not be able to handle what others seem to handle so easily, and moving my definitions from “something is wrong with me” to “I am different”, was the first step.

How many times I have been way beyond my limits, just to avoid people laughing at me or saying that I am a “pussycat”; just because I can’t stay in an overheated room, can’t jump straight in a cold river, can’t be in a loud musical environment, or can’t stay around people smoking… Or if I do, I feel like a survivor in a jungle, while others seem to have a lot of fun.

How many times have I had the thought “what is wrong with me! Why can’t I do what others do?”, building up in this way, a weak image of myself and losing trust in my abilities. But the answer to this question is in fact simple: “because you have much more interesting things to do with who you are, and that doesn’t require you to change to be more like everyone else. Just know yourself better”.

For me, when I turn towards music, over-sensitivity becomes the greatest gift. In this arena of melodies and rhythms, I am able to connect with the mysteries of the universe and share it with the most expressive language: music. My intention becomes clear and sharp. When thoughts and words can’t explore any further the nature of love and mysteries, music takes the lead, speaks to my heart, and reminds me that I am loved, that I have always been, and that I will always be. No matters what I am going through on my journey.

What the universe is asking for, is for each of us to unleash our unique soul vibration; when we can’t, we feel tight and depressed, when we can, we feel joyful and innocent.

Following our feelings of excitement is one of the most reliable maps on the path of awakening.

This is how the soul communicates with the body to guide us where we were always meant to be. “We are all one” doesn’t mean “We are all the same”. Rather, the more everyone embodies their unique gift, the more we all become one.

Over-sensitivity makes my nervous system easily overwhelmed, preventing me to be in certain environments and making some situations hard to handle, but also thanks to the same sensitivity, I get in a deeper connection with the amazing alchemy of life and the wonderful nature of love. And every time, in those moments, I feel deep gratitude towards life, a sense of unconditional love, and an amazing sensation of beauty arises in all the cells of my body.  And yet, the most amazing part of it is when I realize that I am barely touching the surface of this beauty.

The music I play relaxes me and slows me down in a world rather intense. The more I relax, the more I open my heart, the more I open my heart, the more I am able to love, the more I love, the more I come closer to the source and the less I feel the need to make any sense of it all.

  • Are you also easily overwhelmed?
  • Do you take time to relax and breathe?
  • Do you tell yourself that nothing is wrong with you?
  • Can you see the gift in what appears sometimes like a problem?
  • Do you allow your soul to express its unique fragrance by following your excitements?

These are important questions for sensitive souls. And as I remind myself, I also remind you:

See that nothing is wrong with you and share who you are with others without any compromise. 

With all my love and gratitude for who you are,

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