Great Changes Come With Great Challenges


great-challenges Probably like you, I have been facing many challenges with all the changes going on in the world and their impact on our lives. During this time, I put myself in observer mode, trying to make sense of the strange behaviors I was witnessing regarding the collective response to what has been called a “pandemic”. I also took even more care of my health, dive deeper into my music exploration, and reflected on important questions as if I was preparing for an unprecedented adventure…

It has been a time for inner processes, where exploring music and sound helped me to reach new layers of my core being. By simply associating toning and intentions, I unlocked more and more my voice by removing old blockages. Not only to refine my music but also to speak better my truth.

Great changes come with great challenges. The more difficult the challenges are, the bigger the opportunity to transform is.

I remember reading from biologist Bruce Lipton, that living cells have two kinds of behavior, they are either in an evolving mode or in a protecting mode. When in the evolving mode they are vulnerable and unprotected, therefore they enter this state only if the environment is safe enough. On the other hand, when the environment is not safe enough and the cells feel danger, they enter into the protecting mode. The cells need both states in balance to live and thrive. The protecting mode allows cells to live longer by putting themselves away from danger. The evolving mode allows cells to develop more adaptabilities to their environment in order to be more strong and less vulnerable. The thing is, cells can’t be in both states at the same time.

If we apply this biological behavior to us, human beings, it appears clearly that we have been in the protective mode for a very long time with no, or only very little breaks out of it. Wars… if no war comes the scary global weather change. If that doesn’t scare you enough, here comes the terrorist threat, if no more terrorist threats, deadly viruses put our life in danger… Luckily, it seems that we have an amazing capacity to focus only on one threat at a time as if some kind of evil energy is working very hard to imagine and create the next level of threat to keep humankind in a constant state of fear, preventing evolution.

The question is, are there actually real dangers that require us to be constantly in protection mode? Or, could this situation rather be an opportunity to break through fears and expand consciousness?

If you, like me, admit to the possibility that there is a small group of psychopaths full of resources that have been working in the shadow for many years to manipulate people perceptions and bring the changes that benefit only their evil plan, could that be that what seems to be the biggest hoax that humankind has ever known is actually serving human awakening? Even more interesting, could you consider that those possible psychopaths acting from the shadow side of life, are actually the physical manifestation of our own collective deep inner fears that simply becomes more visible as the power of love is ready to purge it all?

Are you ready to be an open door for the light to radiate through you? Are you ready to become a beacon of light where any form of darkness coming your way will in the end, only reinforce the radiance of your light?

One thing this situation has for sure brought me, is to go much deeper and refine what is really important for me. I had to look closer to these questions: What do I really want? How do I want to live and relate to my environment? What are my values and how important are they actually? What is worth fighting for? How many uncomfortable situations am I willing to face, and what am I willing to lose in order to stay aligned with my truth? If people look at me as if I am a danger because unlike them, I have decided not to cover my face with a mask, will I give up my truth for the security of belonging to this group? Those questions gave me a mirror, reflecting who I am with more precise details.

Another thing became very clear to me: cultivating more awareness, facing my own shadows, and connecting deeper to my heart over the years gave me a much more solid ability to stay centered in my own energy when the world around me is going completely insane…

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have chosen the path of love, chosen to expand your consciousness, chosen to face your shadow sides to become a wisdom keeper for future generations. And if you don’t recognize yourself in this (yet), if you are still attached to the old paradigm, it’s ok… we will be there to support your transition to the new paradigm when the old world will no longer be.

Dear fellow human beings, it is time to assemble! It is time to dance and sing together, time to go deeper within ourselves and free ourselves from the boundaries of our conditioning, it is time to reclaim our sovereignty and declare that we don’t need any unchosen authority to tell us how to behave and think. It is time to face our fears and give ourselves the opportunity to finally evolve, not only as an individual but also as a human family. And most of all, it is time to act more lovingly to each other.

During these crazy times, being together and keeping an open heart is an act of resistance.

With much love,

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