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Soul Eyes
Soul EyesWhile transitioning towards the new consciousness, we will inevitably come to realize that our experiences are not defined by the circumstances of our life, but rather by the way we perceive our environment. In other words, what we believe about what we perceive, defines our experiences.
We can say that we, units of consciousness, are moving in this time-space earth realm, encountering different kinds of energies or situations, that we can also call information. This information doesn’t carry in itself any characteristics such as good or bad, information is neutral in itself and exists simply as potentials of possibilities until it is perceived.
What defines our individual experiences (E) is the meeting point between our consciousness (C) which perceives, information (I) which is perceived, and our belief system (B) which labels what is perceived. So we could summarize this with the following equation:
C + I + B = E
Most of the time we are perceiving our reality while being lost in the ego: Beings moving around in a 3D universe, co-creating a collective reality by having more or less the same definitions (B) about the information (I) that is being encountered (C), thinking that this reality exists independently of our perception and what we think about it.
For example, does a tree falling in a forest where there is nobody make a sound? In other words, if there are no ears to hear, is there sounds? There is information, energy, or vibration for sure, but we can’t say there is sound without the appropriate sense to perceive it. Ears turn information into sounds, and then our conditioned mind will define what is that sound by comparing it with past experiences.
(C) and (I) can’t be changed. Consciousness is what perceived, it is constant. Information is all the different states of energy, it is infinite in potential. Our beliefs (B) about what is perceived is the only ingredient in the equation that we can act upon to change our experience (E).
What is shifting our experience from the old paradigm to the new, is the transition from the perspective of the ego to the perspective of the soul. The soul (or the higher-self) operates from a very different place than the ego, it operates from a larger cosmic plan while also integrating the ego experience. So it is more accurate to define the ego as the soul in its most dormant state, so we can accept it as part of the soul’s journey and bring forward a heart-centered approach rooted in compassion.
When we are lost in ego, we are pursuing pleasure, trying to stay as much as possible where we feel good and comfortable while trying to get rid of uncomfortable or painful experiences. From the perspective of the soul, an experience is valuable no matter uncomfortable or painful it is, and difficult situations are seen as catalysts for our growth and evolution.
So when we are following a spiritual path, thinking that it will bring us more of what we prefer and help us to avoid pain and suffering, we are still perceiving from the ego point of view. We are still limiting ourselves. What shifting to the perception of the soul brings over time, is less resistance to unwanted situations. We don’t change the circumstances of the situation but we change the relationship we have with it. And we become creators of our reality by redefining what is perceived according to our highest state of consciousness.
In zen, there is a saying: “Before enlightenment, chop wood carry water, after enlightenment chop wood carry water.” So what has changed? What is changed is the inner resistance to what is, the struggle has been dropped, or the one who struggles has been realized to be illusory, the individual will is aligned with the divine will.
What I found really valuable is to share uplifting information with my fellow human beings, so that everyone can, more and more, experience life from the perspective of the soul and stop fighting with unpleasant situations. The ego becoming in this way simply part of the soul’s journey instead of being perceived as an enemy in the way of our highest potential.
We are not here to return to heaven, we are here to bring heaven on earth. We are not here to transcend the ego or the human condition, but to integrate it into the embodiment of our highest soul potential.
We can redefine our reality in the same way that we have been conditioned, especially in our early years, by repetition, by spending more time with inspiring people that uplift our consciousness, by participating in events that open our heart and soul, by putting aside any information that is not serving our highest evolution.
What can you stop doing in your life that is no serving your highest value? And what new way of thinking can you start practicing to align yourself with your soul purpose?

With love and gratitude for sharing this amazing soul’s journey with you,

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