A New Earth is Emerging

A new Earth is emerging, where love becomes the only answer to endless questions. In fact, this world has always been here, waiting for the eyes that would see it.

We are not living in an evolving world, we are the consciousness that makes the world evolve.

So the question is not how do I act upon this world to shape it more into the picture I would prefer, but how can I shape my eyes so I can see, that what I prefer, is already here.

This is a big shift, a turning point, where we realize that our perception of the world creates the world we live in. Not only as individuals but also as a collective.

Our perception of reality comes from what we have learned from others since we were born. The transmission of a belief system passed through the generations, was only meant to give us the most profound experience of the energies we are here to transform. This is known as the incubation process of the soul. A phase of initiation that is coming to an end, now inviting the transition phase to take place. A transition where we get to completely redefine our reality according to who we really are and where the ever-present default collective point of view is fading away. What a relief! This is such an exciting time for us, light beings, in the front line of an extraordinary new paradigm emerging!

I am so happy and grateful to be part of such an incredible path of awakening, to inspire others, and to be inspired by others.

My way of supporting this transition phase is through music. Music that carries the frequencies of this new paradigm of existence. A music blended with love, colors, silence, sensual rhythms, and magical sounds, meant to turn the listener into the frequency of the source.

What is your way to inspire the transition into the new world?

It is an honor to be here, participating in this amazing cosmic adventure with you.

With all my love and gratitude,

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