Circumstances Don’t Matter, Only State of Being Matters

In this time of awakening, we don’t wait for our reality to reflect us the evidence of what we want more of in our life. Instead, we incarnate and cultivate the vibration of the things we want to experience more.

Waiting to see signs of abundance in our life before declaring how abundant we are, is an innocent and beautiful misunderstanding of the nature of reality that we don’t need to carry anymore with us. We have taken on from others a way of understanding the universe that is completely upside down.

The conditions of our life don’t determine the kind of experiences we are going to have, it is the vibration that we emanate, that designs how our life will unfold and the kind of experiences we are going to have.

No matter the circumstances of our life, we will always find in our reality the evidence of what we think we are. If I hold on to a belief that there is not enough money in my bank account, I will look at my reality and find all the evidence that proves to me that what I believe is actually true. And I will go on my journey, emanating the vibration of a beggar and complaining about the shitty circumstances of my life.

If I put my attention on the things I already have and find happiness with what is already there, I will step into the vibration of abundance and joy, and sooner or later I will see the evidence of that, being reflected in my life.

But most of the time, we won’t even notice the change. Why? Because to realize that there is more abundance in my life than before, the feeling of abundance must be something that I am not used to experience. It is about contrast. If I define myself as someone abundant, no matter what are the circumstances of my life, how can I see any new situation as a better sign of abundance? Abundance was already there before things changed…

If we want to step out of repetitive patterns, it this very important to be aware of how we define the things around us. The definitions that are printed in us about what is a sign of abundance and what is not, will be activated according to what shows up in our reality, and it will make us oscillated between two poles. This will go on, until we are not relying anymore on what shows up in our life, to define who we are.

The truth is when we are really transformed we won’t even find that something has changed… just some blurry memories of a certain state of being will remain as if it belonged to someone else. What a wonderful game, magically orchestrated by the graceful hands of the universe!

If you want more abundance in your life, don’t try to fix or change what is coming to you, instead change the relationship you have with it. Turn everything into proof that you already are in abundance. If it seems too difficult regarding your circumstances, that doesn’t mean there is no proof of abundance, it simply means that you are not using your imagination at the best of its capacity.

Our freedom does not reside in our ability to choose the circumstances of our life, it resides in our ability to choose how we want to experience them.

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